In the 15-plus years that ItaQ has been present in the ICT world, we have been able to fulfil many great assignments both in Dutch businesses and government, as well as internationally. We have filled in large framework contracts and preferred supplierships as well as the smaller orders with great pleasure, passion and pride. A selection of the companies we have worked for and some references from our customers can be found below:
Testimonial Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, IT Manager:
"I am very satisfied with the reaction speed of ItaQ to a number of my sourcing requests, as well as with the quality of the candidates. A good example of this was my request for a Storage Specialist. I have been able to hire an excellent candidate through ItaQ. I also think the price-quality ratio is excellent. A big difference from some other providers of interim professionals"
Testimonial KPN, Manager Business Support Management:
"In my search for good professionals to both draw up ISO 27001 measures and to implement them as widely as possible within our organisation, ItaQ has been able to present a good selection of available professionals in a short period of time. From this offering, we have selected and hired a good candidate. The loss of this candidate at a later stage and the way this was dealt with by providing another candidate, without the project being endangered, has testified to the flexibility and professionalism within ItaQ."
Testimonial NUON, IT manager:
"For us, ItaQ really is a trusted advisor. The ItaQ Partners themselves have years of experience in ICT which means that after a conversation with me they quickly come up with the right match. We only start talking about rates once a match is made. I do not have to worry about paying too much because ItaQ is very transparent with its rates. If necessary, we will be told what the exact cost price or purchasing rate is of the interim professional to be employed. I know few companies that work this way".
Testimonial Philips, IT purchasing manager:

"If we want to find the right IT specialists quickly, we usually hire ItaQ interim professionals because our larger preferred suppliers generally cannot achieve that. Especially when it comes to the more specialist ICT functions, they are fast and good".

Testimonial Liberty Global, IT Director:
"ItaQ is a company that I can always rely on if I need independent ICT professionals for my projects quickly. It is amazing how involved ItaQ is in fulfilling interim positions at our company. They only need a few words to quickly provide me with the right ICT professional".
Testimonial Child Protection Board, IT Manager:
"I like to use the services of ItaQ Interim Professionals for supplying IT staff, and ItaQ always listens carefully to the wishes and requirements and that often yields the best candidates".
Testimonial Telfort, ICT Director:
"I was positively surprised by the commitment of the ItaQ interim professionals. Nothing is too much for the ItaQ professionals. If necessary, they work evenings and weekends to meet the deadlines. They are not only excellent but also very flexible".
Testimonial Leaseplan, Purchasing Manager:
"I was looking for an interim procurement manager who would replace me because I was leaving. Through a business relationship I ended up with ItaQ interim professionals. Within 2 days they came up with a very good candidate who we hired. They did a great job in a short time".
Testimonial Dutch Emissions Authority (NEa), IT Manager:
"Our experience is that the IT specialists that ItaQ offers often match the profile requested by the NEa very well. This shows that they have access to a large group of professionals and are able to make the match based on a good understanding of our needs".
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