Interim Management

Which company can you, as a decision-maker, turn to in the event that you are faced with a major digital business transformation or change operation, or have a difficult or failed ICT project that needs to be rectified? Where can you turn to for senior interim managers with business knowledge who are independent, are not looking for a supplier lock-in and are not aiming for as many people as possible in the project or turnover target?

Over the past 15 years, ItaQ has filled many interim management positions involving major change processes, such as centralisation, in/outsourcing, digital business transformations, merging of data centres, separating companies and their IT, transition to cloud solutions, or the rescue of ICT projects that had stagnated or failed. These assignments are mostly fulfilled by freelancers, where they have proven and distinguished themselves. And it is precisely these interim managers who have demonstrated that they are able to meet the 3 most important success factors of a project and that they can take care of the direction of these projects. We have translated these 3 success factors into the 'Golden Triangle of ItaQ', which consists of:
1) Professionalising commissioning
2) Organising project governance properly
3) Tight management of suppliers

We are happy to put you in touch with these senior managers. Because these assignments are completely customised, we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you one-on-one. Feel free to contact Jaap van Raalte.

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